This is what President Uhuru Drank at the Westgate Mall

By Eve Kay-July 20, 2015

The Westgate mall was finally reopened last Saturday, and it attracted quite a number of people who seemed to have gone there for various reasons. Some went there to shop, others went to see how the renovations had been done, and others simply went there for reasons best known to them. As people were going about their business, they did not know that they would have a special visitor. It was no one else than the president who decided to make an impromptu visit to the delight and excitement of many people. Indeed, it was a great treat for everyone that was at the Mall.

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The president went on a tour of the mall and he was even seen drinking fresh juice bought from one of the outlets in the mall. It is when Kenyans see such things that they realize that the president in human and he too also drinks juice just like the rest of the Kenyans.

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