This is why Churchill is an Inspiration to Many who have Given up in Life

By Eve Kay-August 4, 2015

Life can sometimes prove to be quite hard and almost everyone experiences this in his or her lifetime. In order to ensure that life becomes better, an individual needs to do everything possible to improve it. Some of the richest people came from backgrounds whereby they faced many challenges. However, they were able to effectively deal with their situation in order to become what they are today. Churchill is one such individual that faced many challenges and today is extremely successful. He now wants people to know how he struggled when growing up and especially in matters concerning education. In fact, he claims that he was not clever at all and was usually in the bottom positions upon doing examinations.

Churchill knew that he could make something out of himself and thus worked hard to be where he is today. He is the top comedian in Kenya and is even recognized all over the world. It is indeed evident that everyone’s dream is valid and anyone can become successful.


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