This is Why you should Dine at Statehouse in this Lifetime

By Eve Kay-July 28, 2015

Many times people have heard about the banquets that take place at Statehouse, but only a few get the chance to dine there. In turn, an individual can just imagine about the different mouth watering delicacies that are prepared by the top chefs in Kenya. Last week when a special dinner was held at the Statehouse for president Obama, the people in charge of catering went a notch higher and stepped up their game. They made sure that everyone who dined there would have the best time of their life.

The servers made sure that they dressed to impress, and their skills matched up to that of any server in a five star hotel. The guests were served a variety of dishes and the food was in plenty for everyone. I am even sure that when the servers went home after a night of hard work, they had a story to tell their families. Anyone that wants to experience such needs to start networking so that they can receive invites for the next banquet at Statehouse.

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