Tips On How To Survive Terrorists Siege Courtesy of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko

In the wake of the attack at Garissa University College which happens to be one of the worst ever in Kenya’s history, many people are weighing in with varied opinions on what could have been done to at least reduce the death toll. As much as many people are of the opinion that rapid police response was vital in curbing the attack, Senator Mike Sonko thinks otherwise.

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Expressing his views through his Facebook account, Sonko believes that the use of crude weapons and tactics could have saved many of the students. He says, since the Garissa University attack was conducted early morning, it is possible that most of the students were in their hostel cubicles. This therefore means that once the attackers started killing say in cubicle 1, those in other cubicles could have started preparing for the attackers by either heating water or iron boxes as they wait for them to come. Again, if they were in a hall, then the students could have tried to maintain a short distance between them and the attackers since they were using long-range guns. Knocking down the gun men as a group could have as well helped confuse them thus paving way for the students to escape.

Here is what the senator shared on his Facebook account.

In wake of ‪#‎GarissaAttack‬ civilians must change their attitude

When dealing with robbery.. the rule is to cooperate and chances are you’ll leave out of the situation alive though having lost your belongings..

so in a robbery situation lifting your hands up and begging for mercy might work

with Terrorism its different!

there is no amount of begging, pleading, or bribing that will convince the attacker to let you go.

The attacker is there to massacre, and not just you but en-mass with as much casualties and lives lost as possible.

A thief is stealing to better his life alive, so the thief is not ready to die or go to jail. On the other hand a terrorist is ready to die and has come for the mission prepared to lay their life.

147 lives lost at Garissa University by the hand of only 4 gunmen

The picture I have in mind is: the university has many rooms from lecture halls, to hostels, to dining hall and so on.

given it was early in the morning, this means most of the students were in their cubicles..

Imagine being in the 10th cubicle and you hear screams in cubicle 1, shootings and your fellow comrades lose their lives, then the gun man goes to cubicle 2, 3, 4, 5..

Isn’t there any defense mechanism the persons in cubicle 6,7,8,9, 10 could have used to at least take down one of the gun men?

Even by using crude weapons like hot iron box, a stove, a burner, hot water.. such that when the gun mans storms in on the latter cubicle(s) they can indiscriminately attack the gun man, some may lose their life.. some may survive.

Choosing how to die..

When a terrorist attacks with a gun you can choose to die fleeing to nowhere in a four walled room or you can choose to use whatever crude method to stop the gun man.. whether it involves hugging him, throwing water at him, running towards him, knocking him down.. or whatever.. when your attacker has a gun.. distance is your enemy.. the closer you get to a person with a long range shooting gun.. the less useful his weapon is..

its the high time we wake up and raise the little “jack bauer ” within us and as such, we can choose to die fighting or we can flee to nowhere and still get shot anyway with seven bullets lodged on our back.


When caught in a terrorist situation: it’s not time to beg the maggots for mercy. It’s time to attack them and do whatever it takes to stop them!

Lets start telling a different story, as of now the terrorist only threat is the state security.. but if the civilians are equally a threat.. the terrorists will think twice before they attack.By Mike




    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for your comment. I hope our government is going to take such a bold step since University leaders such as Babu Owino of UoN have given similar suggestions. Stay safe wherever you are.

  • These tips were written by one Mike Ndegwa on his page and the best Sonko could have done was acknowledge the writer or use the ‘share’ option.

    • Hi Rose,
      Thanks for stopping here to read our posts. We’ve seen the issue being raised on FB and we can confirm that one Mike Sonko and Mugo Wa Wairimu indeed plagiarized Ndegwa’s work. It is Sad to see that our leaders including Ababu and Mutoko have on several occasions been caught publishing other people’s content as their own. We shall do an article on the same to update our readers.

      Thank You!

  • wat Hon Sonko said is exactly wat I was thinking of…..ow can u jst gv in.we must die fighting. .. May their souls rest in peace. ….

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