UoN Comrades On The Spot For “Importing” Underage Girls For Sex

If you take a visit to our male University hostels today, you will be surprised by the number of young girls you’ll meet playing married women roles to comrades. In most cases, these girls are not students in the university but “imported” girls from the villages. But why is this the case? Well, with the hard life that comes with being a university student in Kenya today, most male university students believe that it is expensive to maintain fellow female university students as girlfriends and wives to be later. Again, most of the village girls fall prey of male university students simply because they believe upon graduation, these male students will get good jobs and thus marry them.

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In a bid to stop this habit of importing underage girls from the village only to use them for sex and later dump them, one Ndege Sirkal of the University of Nairobi has sought to address this vice. Posting on UoN’s comrades facebook page, Ndege noted that most of these girls are not only young but also school dropouts and those who import them mistreat, overwork and even exploit them sexually. He urges his fellow UoN comrades to stop the behavior and allow the girls to school. As much as comrades think that they must always ejaculate, Ndege Sirkal thinks otherwise. Here is what he posted to fellow UoN comrades on Facebook:


There’s a group of UON male students with a dangerous misconduct that SONU must seek to address once and for all…The male students “import” ladies from their villages and stay with them in campus hostels as wives. .The ladies are normally under age and most of them stopped schooling in class 7 or 8 or form 1…

The ladies, most probably, have no relatives in Nairobi and become enslaved in the hostels making them extremely desperate and prone to abuse, Assault and torture. According to research conducted last month by DFTU, UON MAIN campus leads the pack with over 23% of male students living with “imported” wives., Majority being in Hall 10 where half of students living on the 2nd floor are married

Among the tasks these ladies do is cooking, massaging their men after class, conjugal services, washing of dishes, clothes and shaving of their husband’s pubic hair among other tasks. it’s not uncommon to meet young pregnant ladies in hostels bathing and singing in male washrooms. .THIS CHILD LABOR MUST STOP..ITS HIGH TIME JUSTICE IS ALLOWED TO PREVAIL…MODERN DAY SLAVERY MUST END .THESE YOUNG LADIES NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. .FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE

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