We Are Tired Of You! African Leaders Tell ICC As They Elect Mugabe To Head AU

African leaders congregating in Addis Ababa for the AU summit today spoke in unison against the ICC. Each and every speaker who spoke took issues with the court for its shambolic investigations on cases touching on African leaders, failure to investigate western leaders even when they go against human rights among others.

In a move that seems well calculated to spearhead the mass exodus of African countries from the ICC, the African leaders went ahead to elect Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president to head the AU. In his speech, Mugabe took issues with the courts failure to investigate Former US president George Bush and former UK Prime Minister Blair for attacks they launched and funded against innocent Iraq. Here is an excerpt of what Mugabe said:

Are those with white skins exempt from the court. And if they are exempt do we accept it? Bush & Blair attacked innocent Iraq but they have not been tried. We don’t need that ICC with its clandestine and dishonest ways. We suffered slavery, has anyone been tried for that? That horrible thing must be destroyed. We must take it out of Africa. And some of our people have illicit jobs there. We advised Uhuru not to go there. We thought Uhuru the son of Kenyatta would be a true Kenyatta. He failed us there but we are glad no harm came his way. If they revive your case and call you there again… please please Kenyatta in the name of your father…. don’t go!”

On his part, president Kenyatta pledged his support for the African Court of Justice by offering 1M USD to fund the operations of the court.

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