Wedding Dress Photos: Is Celina getting Married?

By Eve Kay- August 14, 2015

Lately, Celina has been on the spotlight for all the right reasons, and it is evident that for her, sky is the limit. Furthermore, the fact that she is beautiful has made her gain the attention of many individuals and mostly from men. She recently went for a wedding dress photo shoot and if I might say, she indeed looked stunning as whoever did her styling and make-up was on point. The white gown looked quite good on her and it is evident on the day that she decides to get married, she will look exceptionally beautiful. Check out these photos and be the judge of whether she nailed it or not:

wed 2


She is lovely and the white gown says it all, and for now we just have to wait until the day, she says ‘I do’. At least she has made her man know what she wants and hopefully he will make the step soon.

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