What Jaguar has done to his Father will Surprise You

Jaguar is known to many for being wealthy as well as being generous, among having other positive attributes. Upon losing his beloved mother, Jaguar saw the need to make sure that his father was well taken care off. He therefore decided to build a nice house for his father as well as his stepmother who live together. In this way, he was serving the interest of his parent who raised him when growing up. Jaguar even went as far as buying a vehicle for him so that it could make his life easier. However, the father seemed to have taken advantage of his son’s generosity and even putting his own life in danger since he used to drive it when quite drunk.

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Jaguar had to take the vehicle away as it could lead to issues that are more serious and I agree with him. Furthermore, since Jaguar is involved with NACADA it would tarnish his name. Therefore, he has done what is right to ensure that the problem does not escalate any further.

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