What Really Killed “MOMO” Hit Singer? His Mother WaKanuthu Speaks About Murimi Wa Kahalf’s Death

More and more details about the sudden and untimely death of celebrated vernacular singer Murimi Wa Kahalf are continuing to emerge. His mother, WaKanuthi, revealed to the Nairobian about the chilling events that took place before his son passed on.

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According to the mother, Murimi Wa Kahalf fell sick and like any other person sought treatment at various hospitals. However, after spending over a million without getting any better, Wa Kahalf urged his mother to take him to Igembe to consult witchdoctors. After he pleaded with her for long, the mum bulged to pressure and took him to Igembe North to see the witchdoctors. The traditional healers demanded Ksh. 10,000 in order to reverse what was eating the musician.

Pieces Of Meat and Soup

Upon receiving the payments, the witchdoctors gave the sickly singer pieces of meat and soup and this is what catalyzed his pain and finally death. Moments after taking the meat, Wa Kahalf is said to have started experiencing severe stomach pains something that made his stomach to bulge like an inflated balloon.

The pain was so much such that the musician asked the mother to pierce his stomach with a knife. The family instead took him to St. Francis hospital in Kasarani where he asked for water and upon drinking the water, his stomach deflated and he died.


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