Why a Union between Kenya and Italy is Beneficial for Us

By Eve Kay-July 16, 2015

In Kenya, many of the Italians can be found at the coast, and especially in Malindi as they have made it their home. It means that the Italians are not strangers to Kenyans and the reason why they want to invest more in this beautiful nation. The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is in the country and he came with good news for Kenya. His government is going to lend Kenya 34 billion shillings so that it can be used towards the construction of a new dam. The dam will serve the needs of the residents living in areas such as Nakuru, Kuresoi and Molo, among others.

The Italians have also pledged that they will do everything possible to improve Kenya’s tourism sector that needs to be revived. It means that the Kenyan tourism stakeholders have to work closely with the Italian tourism investors to improve the situation. It is thus evident that the Italians will play a massive role in the development of Kenya.

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