Why you Need to Purchase Equity Bank’s Thin SIM

By Eve Kay- July 20, 2015

Equity bank is set to launch a new product in the market, and it will be a SIM card. I am sure everyone is wondering why this is meant to be big news, well here are some of the reasons. The bank has collaborated together with Airtel to come up with the thin SIM that will have certain features such as providing free money, data and voice services to all those that will purchase it. The thin SIM has created a lot of controversy and it appears that Safaricom will need to step up in order to ensure that it does not lose all its customers.

The Equity CEO James Mwangi has claimed that the new SIM will bring about the needed changes in Kenya. Furthermore, the SIM will be sold at a mere price of 600 and the benefits are indeed worth it. To add on, it will have low calling rates as well as SMS rates. It is high time that Kenyans get this SIM as it will save them quite a lot.


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