Why You Should not Miss the Next Luo Festival (PHOTOS)

By Eve Kay-July 15 2015

The Luo festival is one of the most vibrant and exciting events that was held last week at the Carnivore. It was a night to remember as the Luos’ represented their culture to the fullest as seen in the many photos splashed online.


The festival was attended by many prominent Luo individuals such as the Hon Raila Odinga, his wife Ida Odinga and other known politicians. Also in attendance were local celebrities such that included the comedian sleepy, Susan Owino and the list was endless. The people who attended it made sure to do it in the best way possible. For example, the popular singer Akothee landed at Carnivore using a chopper, and it was obvious that no one could outmatch her.

The people that attended the event even made sure that they dressed the part as they rocked all kinds of trendy pieces. Furthermore, they arrived in style, and the parking lot had many fuel guzzlers as well as the latest and most expensive cars. To add on, there was a wide variety of special dishes that had been prepared, and it was enough to feed the many people at the event. The next time you hear about the Luo festival regardless of whether you belong to the culture or not, do not miss out……..

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