World Cancer Day: Robert Alai On The Spot Again For Wishing Kivuitu Quick Cancer Death

Today, the world held the world cancer day and different countries marked this day in their own style. In Kenya, the social media was abuzz with reports that there are only to machines to fight cancer in the country and the most unfortunate part being that they are all stationed at KNH. However, what was rather shocking is the revelation by Kenyan internet users that at some point in 2011, the controversial blogger Robert Alai seemed to wish the late ECK boss Samuel Kivuitu death when he was battling cancer.

In the African society, it is bad if not taboo to wish someone death even if they are your enemies. Most internet users who saw the update were of the opinion that it was bad for Alai to wish Kivuitu death because he too can fall to be a cancer victim. Kivuitu died on 25th of Feb 2013. Here is what Alai posted on Facebook in 2011.

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