You Have Failed The Nation! Jubilee Government Told By Kenyans On Twitter

Trust Kenyans to do anything to express their grievances. Since the government sought to illegalize picketing, Kenyans have found another effective way to picket. They no longer go to the streets to air their grievances. All they need is some 10Mbs and their mobile phones. They then take to twitter and directly engage the government through its many twitter handles.

Yesterday, Kenyans on twitter started a hash tag that sought to highlight the failures of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration using #2YearsOfHopelessness. After several hours of being trolled, the Jubilee government being digital enough created a new hash tag to counter the days trending hash tag. The new hash tag created by the government #2YearsOfSuccess was however hijacked by Kenyans on twitter and used it to properly troll the government.

Here is how the drama unfolded.

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